Chiang Yomei

Chiang Yomei: Doors of Perception

2018.02.03 – 2018.03.18
Tina Keng Gallery (Taipei)

To understand Chiang Yomei’s art practice through Buddhist philosophy, cognitive psychology, and quantum entanglement theory is simultaneously the most straightforward and most arduous way. In her exploration of the immaterial through poetry and painting, the artist transforms personal musings through different media, from color to sound, creating sensory experiences rooted in the artist’s artistic vocabulary.

On view in Doors of Perception, Chiang Yomei’s latest solo exhibition, the “Vibration” series documents the artist’s journey where her consciousness metamorphoses into vibrant colors rendered in oil paint and mixed media through the artist’s physical labor. Using a soft tube filled with a viscous mixture of sand and adhesive, the artist repeatedly inscribes on canvas the 260 characters of the Heart Sutra, until the canvas is filled with legible and illegible overlapped text. As the text dries, she incorporates substances such as her own hair, incense ash, seeds, and coarse fibers, while simultaneously using her hands and tools to destroy — through attrition, mottling, and cracking, or even by completely peeling off the surface material — until what remains seems like the remnants of erosion.以色述心