Chiang Yomei

Chiang Yomei

Yomei Chiang – 蒋 友梅
Yomei Chiang – 蒋 友梅

Born in 1961 to a Chinese-Russian father and Chinese-German mother in Taipei, Taiwan, Yomei studied art and literature at Skidmore College, upstate New York, after a traditional Chinese education in Taiwan. From an early age she studied Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy with masters of both genres. In 1981, after a year of studying in Germany, she moved to the UK and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in the History and Theory of Art and English literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1984. After Kent, Yomei graduated from the Sotheby’s Works of Art Course and went on to study Chinese painting and ceramics at SOAS, University of London.

From 1989, Yomei began practising Fine Art in a concentrated capacity, experimenting prolifically with a wide range of media. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Winchester School of Art in 1994. A devoted Buddhist practitioner, she nurtures a strong interest in spiritual and esoteric philosophies, quantum physics and myths and rituals. Along with her great love of music, film and literature, these have become inextricably linked to her creative process.

Chiang Yomei is also a published poet in both English and Chinese. She lives and works in London, and her work can be found in public and private collections in Europe and Asia.

Artist’s Statement

“Art is not a singular activity. The artist only begins the work; it is the viewer who completes it. As each viewer must bring a unique set of values and conditions to the work, we cannot know how a work will be received each time. Life itself is continually in flux. Between dualities there is a profound and luminous space that is free of expectation and longing, free of a linear concept of time. It is in this ‘in-between space’ that we encounter our true faces, where we meet each other on a more fundamental, less contrived level.

My work is concerned with the impermanent nature of relative reality and the infinite possibilities that arise through the process of transformation. All phenomena, including our physical selves, the thoughts we think, the things we see, sense, hear and taste come apart when the conditions that inform their existence disperse. Existence is wholly interdependent and in a continual state of flux. Neither we nor our surroundings have a fixed identity.

As an artist and poet I try to evoke something of this ephemeral and ever-changing nature. This fragility, the elusiveness of identity, of thoughts, memories and emotions moves me deeply and is perhaps the main impetus behind my work. I am interested in alchemy, myths, rituals, esoteric philosophies and the process of disintegration, which I see as a beginning as well as an end. In painting, my working process reflects this in that I build and strip until layers of dialogue emerge between the materials. I respond deeply to the elemental, to a sense of the cyclical and impermanent nature of existence.

The imagery in my poems often echoes through my visual work and vice versa; the two disciplines inform one another and are vital components of my working process. I believe that images are powerful because we are all made of the same elements and as such share a collective memory. When authentic, images awaken dormant longings and return us to a primordial place where we can reconnect with the purest, least constrained part of ourselves.”

Chiang Yo Mei,
Yu Shan Tsao Tang,


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