Chiang Yomei

Famen Temple World Meditation Park (Xi’an/ China)

I have recently become involved in a very exciting project – the redevelopment of the Famen Temple complex in Xi’an, China. I have been asked to contribute 5 enviornmental installation works for the “Eightfold Path Forest” in the complex.

The Office for Architectural Culture has recently won the invited international design competition for the prestigious master plan project Famen Temple World Meditation Park (法门寺世界禅修养心中心) in the historical city of Xi’an, China. This internationally prominent project is to be developed around the 1,800 years old Famen Buddhist Temple, the only Buddhist temple in the world that holds and preserves the only Śākyamuni Buddha’s finger bone relic. Being the emperial Buddhist temple of the powerful Tang Dynasty (618 – 907AD) at the east end of the ancient Silk Road, it is considered a holy land for the Buddhists around the world. The project site area is 1,240,000 sqm and the total built floor area is approximately 300,000 sqm, including 3 museums, several large meditation and event venues, a concert hall, meditation and art facilities, two 5-star hotels, and over 1000 meditation villas.

OAC Famen press release 10 Sep 2012